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Ken's Timeline Highlights

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

1975 Ken rides the Gray Rabbit to visit Pat in California

1976 Twins graduate, from Pratt & School of Visual Arts

1978 - Ken & John visit Europe.

1980 - Ken moves from Brooklyn to Hell's Kitchen

After a bicycle accident, lawsuit settlement paid for return to school, earning Masters at NYU/Intl Center of Photography

1990s visiting professor to RISD, UPenn, Lehman by train and bus

Yaddo invited him to artist residency in upstate NY

1995 vacation in Rockies with Mom & Dad, John, Pat, Kerry, Matt

2000 vacation in Flagstaff and Grand Canyon for Matt's graduation.

Moved to Westbeth after signing waiting list ~20 years earlier.

2000-2017 Worked at Queensboro Comm College, tenured associate professor

2010 Director of Westbeth art gallery

2017 Retirement party in California

2018 Joined trial of experimental drug, last trip to Las Vegas

2019 Living in Brookdale. Outings to 3 Broadway shows.

2020 - COVID spares Ken, but blocks visitors. Finishes life on New Year's Eve.

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