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Ken's Gift Shop

A family-run operation.
Expect 2–3 weeks for shipment.

Since Ken wanted to give his artwork to friends and family and "only ever wanted to have a gift shop," we are pleased to introduce Ken's Gift Shop. You are invited to select as many prints as you like. All artwork is free (except for shipping). The family welcomes donations made in Ken's honor to Visual AIDS.

Since 2021, we've found homes for 834 pieces of Ken's artwork!Please help us find homes for Ken's remaining 750+ pieces of art.



"I’ve hung this photo of Ken’s next to the closet to remind me to wear a hat on sunny days (a new rule introduced by my dermatologist). I love old NYC hat stores and Ken’s wonderful photo perfectly captures these now-rare reminders of a bygone era."

"We'd just moved to a new home so the opportunity to get some of Ken's prints was so timely. We ordered seven photographs. It took us ages to decide! They are even more beautiful in real life than what you see on the website. We hung three of the photographs we ordered (Alice, Kite, Beach 4) and gifted the others (Building, Rainy Day, Subway 33, Subway 20). They are much loved by all. Delivery was really good. The prints arrived in excellent condition. We are truly, truly appreciative of these beautiful gifts. Not charging us for these is generous. Thank you, thank you." 

Help us find homes for Ken's 750+ prints!

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