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Jan 28, 2021
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My name is Veron Trotman. I was one of Ken’s nurses. It was a pleasure working with Ken.He was kind, humble and had a great sense of humor. What I remember most about Ken are those laughing episodes he used to have. Example- Ken was watching TV one night during the presidential election campaign.They showed where someone tried to attack Joe Biden while he was giving a speech and his wife Jill Biden suddenly went into combat mode to protect her husband. Ken could not stop laughing for a while. Ken loved to listen to the news. He was very interested in those presidential debate. One night I got mixed up with the date of a debate. I stated “Ken let’s get ready to watch the debate”. Ken quickly corrected me saying, “No it’s tomorrow night.He was right. He was very concerned about time. His watch was a big part of him. If you took his watch off his hand, you were reminded by “ my watch “ until it was back on his hand. Ken enjoyed his sweet treats. I often said to him,”Ken you have a huge sweet tooth “.He usually replied “yes” with a huge smile on his face. Rest in peace Ken My condolences to the family.


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