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Sharing Memories of Ken

This is where everyone can share their thoughts and memories, and even photos of their time with Kenneth Sean Golden.

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Ken's Timeline Highlights

1975 Ken rides the Gray Rabbit to visit Pat in California 1976 Twins graduate, from Pratt & School of Visual Arts 1978 - Ken & John visit Europe. 1980 - Ken moves from Brooklyn to Hell's Kitchen After

The three legged race

As young boys, cub scouts or at other picnics Ken and I would participate in the three legged race. In this race each team has 1 leg of each runner tied together so it is three legged two people run

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In Sept 1978 Ken was 24 yrs old and he joined me on a trip to Europe,

first for both. I was relocating to Frankfurt for a job, bringing a car, '74 Volvo.

He had spare time between photography freelancing. Ken was an easy-going traveler, sometimes complaining of my fast driving, but appreciating the sights.

We spent a few days in Earl's Court London, observing punk fashion and doing the museums, then drove to the Dover ferry, crossed to Calais and reached Amiens for 1 night before driving into Paris.Here we stayed a few days being tourists, plus he had an appointment to contribute some of his art to a photography museum.

We rarely paid for the privilege of restaurants,…

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